Attack on Titan Levi

Levi Ackerman (regularly mistakenly romanized as Rivaille) is one of the fundamental protagonists of the anime/manga arrangement Attack on Titan. He is a Captain in the Survey Corps, reputed to be the strongest fighter alive. He has a cruel and unsocial personality, yet is well-respected by his subordinates and he thinks about their lives.

Levi has straight dark hair. He has a couple of sharp blue eyes that look scaring. In spite of the fact that his body is fairly short, his body is well-prepared. His face dependably looks not keen on anything, yet he keeps numerous things in his psyche.

Levi is known to be a “perfect oddity” man, as he will in general need stuff to be flawlessly spotless. Additionally, he is frequently obtuse and disconnected and he has a strong regard for structure and control. This makes him uneasy to be near.

At the point when Eren escapes his Titan body and is encompassed by titans, Levi returns from his visit and safeguards the gathering from them. Later on, after Eren awakens in a cell, Levi safeguards him that the higher-ups will give him a chance to join the Scouting Legion and that he will ensure Eren doesn’t escape hand. During the preliminary, after Eren escapes hand with his words, he ambushes Eren, a lot to Mikasa’s outrage, as he shows him his place. This was only a demonstration to get the general population to feel that Levi can keep Eren down and that the police power can’t, guaranteeing them that the Scouting Legion will deal with him.

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