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I drove slowly from Vinewood to Rockford Hills. I had a lot of time to think about what I have and what I don’t. I drank, committed crimes, did things that a normal person would not swallow. Sometimes it’s done for money, sometimes for fun. But mostly for making money. I found that after 5 seconds the silence crumbles between me, my name is Michael De Santa, and I have never loved anyone in my life. ”

Grand Theft Auto V. This name has a great and deep history behind it, a milestone on which to write pages of theses. But what can I write about this? What can I tell you about GTA V? No, there is so much to tell, that I already have so many stories about GTA V, about Los Santos, that I have already begun to forget some of them that I can write and draw for you.

GTA V is not just a story about three different characters, but about a city. There are so many trees falling all around Los Santos that you only know about it five percent of the time. Some things develop under your control, while others you will never know. The reason is very simple, there are three main characters in the game, these three characters have their own behavior, daily routine, life, acquaintances, social circles, hobbies and abilities. This ternary system allows the plot of the game to be decomposed and reunited at different points, like a spider web.

But what do these three uncomfortable men have in common? Why are Franklin, Trevor and Michael the core of this game?

In fact, Trevor and Michael are characters who have a story with each other. There are “dates” that you can see at the beginning of the game, but I will not tell you here, so as not to disgrace the story.

Let me tell you this from the beginning, I will try not to tell you here what the story of the game is, because depending on how you play, what you might or might not know will change, depending on from who you spend your time, you can learn from coast to corner, about the history or views of the characters, about each of them. it gives you a little idea of ​​someone. For example, why did Michael decide to return to the criminal world after living 9 years ago? Why is Franklin so ambitious? Why is Trevor so … problematic? All of this is in the game, you just need to know where to look.

As I shouted constantly, GTA V is an awfully deep game in terms of stories and storytelling. We have not seen a system that is as complex and useful as this system used by Rockstar before, meaning we have not seen a system that works when three different characters are combined for the same purpose within their separate lives, allowing you to experience GTA V, if you pay attention, I’m not talking about the game, I’m talking about life. Life pours out of every shot of Los Santos, after a certain moment you really start to get carried away with it, because there is a world created with such care that you are in front of you, each side is thought out to the smallest detail to make it believable, each character was written with a special thoroughness, its geography is terrible.

I will not exaggerate if I say that in this gigantic world, each character has his own world. The most important feature of GTA V is that life “flows” whether you like it or not. In this context, while Franklin and Lamar are planning to kidnap a Ballas member, Michael is watching TV, sipping whiskey, Trevor is traveling on his motor in the desert and doing various “household chores”. When you return to the character, he can change clothes, time passes, everyone lives their own life.

With one click, you can switch between these characters and see them exactly, this is such an impressive feature that I cannot explain. In particular, it does not let you get bored in the game, because, as I mentioned above, each character has its own world and concept.

For example, Michael is a former criminal over 40, so he is very experienced, he has worked and quit many times, and he has a very compelling story to tell about it. Michael lives off the money he left behind as a veteran bank robber, but as someone who has “lived through” such a life, he is deeply depressed.

His wife Amanda, who doesn’t love him, his spoiled children Tracy – Jimmy (who loves to be called Jizzle) and his emptiness drive Michael crazy day after day. As if all this was not enough, and the wife’s money remained very quickly.
“Medlenno ya yekhal na mashine iz Vaynvuda v Rokford-Khillz. U menya bylo mnogo vremeni, chtoby podumat ‘o tom, chto u menya yest’, a chto net. YA pil, sovershal prestupleniya, delal veshchi, kotoryye normal’nyy chelovek ne proglotil by. Inogda eto delayetsya dlya deneg, inogda dlya udovol’stviya. No v osnovnom dlya zarabotka. YA obnaruzhil, chto cherez 5 sekund tishina rushitsya mezhdu mnoy, menya zovut Maykl De Santa, i ya nikogda nikogo v svoyey zhizni ne lyubil “.

Grand Theft Auto V. Eto imya imeyet za soboy velikuyu i glubokuyu istoriyu, vekhu, na kotoroy mozhno napisat ‘stranitsy

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