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In 1997, David Heyman got a duplicate of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. He put it on the low need rack, thinking the title was “trash”. Be that as it may, when a secretary found and read it, she offered it to Heyman with a positive audit and he at that point read it. Heyman was exceptionally inspired by Rowling’s work, which prompted Rowling selling him the film rights for four books in 1999.

Rowling had a couple of requests. She needed the chief cast to be played by British on-screen characters, however permitted Irish on-screen characters, except if the job required something else. She likewise needed a section in helping them adjust the books, and wouldn’t give the privileges of her characters to Warner Bros which would give them a chance to make non-writer composed spin-offs.

In March 2000, Chris Columbus was chosen to coordinate the primary film, while Steve Kloves composed the screenplay. Rowling was given a huge imaginative job which Columbus approved of, while Heyman remained to create it.

They at that point began to cast the jobs of Harry, Ron and Hermione. A multi month search drove them to Daniel Radcliffe when Heyman and Kloves went to the performance center in the meantime he did. Heyman influenced his folks to give him a chance to tryout and Rowling was awed, saying she didn’t think there would be a superior decision.

Emma Watson and Rupert Grint were chosen from a large number of youngsters who tried out for the job of Hermione and Ron. The throwing of the three is believed to be very great, and a standout amongst “the best show choices” at any point made.

Creation started in September 2000 and would prop up until the last film in December 2010. Each film was made essentially at Leavesden Studios, which is currently open for the general population to investigate. Heyman created each film with his generation organization Heyday Films, while Kloves composed for each film aside from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which was composed by Michael Goldenberg.

While the 6th film was the most costly to film, it was chosen that the seventh book would be spilt in two, notwithstanding being shot as one film.


There were four executives over each movie, with Chris Columbus coordinating the first and second movie, and Alfonso Cuarón coordinating the third. Mike Newell coordinated the fourth with David Yates remaining the longest, as he coordinated the last four movies. Columbus stayed to create the third film with Heyman, and David Barron delivered the last four with Heyman. Rowling joined the group for the last two movies.

Each chief had their very own vision of the arrangement however recognized that they ought to get darker as time passed by. Columbus needed to depict a “brilliant storybook” picture. Cuarón changed the visual tone and extended Hogwarts. Newell needed a “distrustful spine chiller” and Yates a feeling of “danger and character to the world”.

They cooperated, with the last chief sitting with the following one and talking through what they had done, and where the two of them needed it to go. Each executive needed a feeling of equalization that coordinated the world Columbus began, and the others had developed.


Kloves and Goldenberg had direct assistance from J.K. Rowling, despite the fact that she gave them incredible space to have their very own thoughts. Rowling needed them to remain consistent with the books, and put something aside for a couple of changes, the plot and tone of each film continued as before as the books. Heyman said Rowling was the “best help” and that she saw a few things must be changed.


Stuart Craig was generation creator for each film, helped by Stephenie McMillan. Hogwarts was initially a smaller than usual which extended and formed into an advanced model. At the point when creation of the movies finished, a great deal of the sets were revamped and transported for showcase at Leavesden.

There was an aggregate of six executives of photography, with Bruno Delbonnel picking up the main Academy Award assignment the Harry Potter movies got, for Best Cinematography.


John Williams was the main author to chip away at the movies, and is best known for making the notable Hedwig’s Theme. At the point when Williams left to pursure different activities, Patrick Doyle made the soundtrack for the fourth film. Nicholas Hooper made soundtrack for the fifth film, while Alexandre Desplat made the last two, in spite of the fact that they kept a couple of Williams. They were made at Abbey Road Studios with the London Symphony Orchestra.

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