RWBY Anime

RWBY is set in the realm of Remnant, a future-dreamland with aircrafts, cutting edge weaponry and a type of regular vitality called Dust, existing one next to the other. As per the portrayal in the arrangement, the early history of Remnant has been for some time overlooked, with memories being passed down as fantasies and legends.

In the realm of Remnant, every single living animal have a spirit, the physical indication of which is known as Aura: a type of natural vitality that gives its client with specific capacities and forces. Similarities are articulations of this power and are much the same as an individual superpower one of a kind to each character. Leftover is populated by two shrewd species – Humanity and the Faunus, a race of Human-creature cross breeds.

The majority of the occupants of Remnant are assailed by the Grimm, which are depicted as “animals of obliteration” and do not have a spirit. Huntsmen and Huntresses battle the Grimm and ensure the tranquility of Remnant and its kin.

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